Jury members of competition for professional singers 


Gendendaram Erdenebat


Honored Artist of Mongolia, Mr.Erdenebat has graduated from the Musorgsky Conservatory in Ekaterinburg, Russia. Has “Master of Governance” degree from the Academy of Governance of Mongolia, and postgraduate studies of Art Management in South Korea.
Mr.Erdenebat has been a soloist at the Mongolian Academic Opera theatre during 1987-2004 and created more than 20 major opera roles. Besides his singing career, he has been a director of the Mongolian Opera Theatre, head of the Art and Culture Department of the Ministry of Educaion, Science and Culture. Currently, he is a Director of the Music and Dance College of Mongolia. Professor of the “Ulaanbaatar” College. With more than 200 songs in his repertoire, his productions “The Melody of Sengur River” and “Father`s Land” are the among most popular CDs and DVDs in Mongolia.

Khorloo Urtnasan


Public Artist of Mongolia, Holder of the State Prize, The Best Opera Singer of the Century, Mrs.Khorloo Urtnasan is a head of the opera program at the Music and Dance College of Mongolia. During 1972-1997, while working as a soloist of the Mongolian Academic Opera Theatre, she performed Mongolian and World classical operas on the stage of the Bolshoi Theatre, Mariinsky Theatre, Kremlyn Palace, and theatres of Hungary, Germany, China, Korea, Thailand, India and many other countries. In 1976 she won “Cio Cio San” special award from the International Opera Singers Competition in Sofia, and succesfully participated in the prestigious Tchaikovsky International Competition in Moscow.

Sodnomtseren Munguntsetseg


Honoured Artist of Mongolia, Mrs.Mungutsetseg has graduated as M.A. from the Sofia Music Academy and Klement Ochridsky State University of Bulgaria. During 2004-2006 she has been a soloist at the opera theatres of Bulgaria and Italy, and since 2007, solosit at the Mongolian State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet. Mrs.Munguntsetseg is one of the most famous opera singers of Mongolia today with more than 20 Mongolian and world classic major opera roles. In 2009 she won the first prize from the Glinka International Competition. 


Vladimir Efimov


Public Artist of Russia, Mr.Vladimir Efimov has started his music career as a student at the Ural State Conservatory in Ekaterinburg. He has performed more than 300 solo concerts.The countries where Mr.Efimov performed are India, Sweden, Mexico, Sri-Lanka, Kosta-Rica, Mongolia and more. For his contribution to the opera art development in Russia, he was awarded with the Russian Government Prize. For the 100th Anniversary of the Russian Choir Federation, he performed at the Kremlyn Palace in Moscow.


Bat Javzandulam


Public Artist of Mongolia, Mrs.Bat Javzandulam is graduated from the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow. Since 1986, she is opera soloist at the Mongolian Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet. In her repertoire she has more than 20 major opera roles, and has given more than 10 classical solo recitals. Her concert tours took place in Russia, China, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Germany. In 2004, Mrs.Javzandulam established a program for professional opera singers at the “Ikh Mongol” Institute in Ulaanbaatar.


Dambiinyam Janchiv



Graduated from the prestigious Moscow Music College and Leningrad Music Conservatory, Mr.Janchiv is one of the leading music theory professors of Mongolia. Besides his successful teaching career, he composed music for folk instruments. His Sonata for Shudrаga and Piano was written in 1970, Sonata for Limbe and Piano in 1971. In 2001, for his contribution to the Mongolian professional music development, he was awarded with prize “Honored Art Creator” of Mongolia.


Jury members of competition for folk instrumentalist 


Perenlei Munguntsetseg


Mrs. Munguntsetseg, the head of the folk music program of the Music and Dance College, studied khuuchir with Prof.Tsevelmaa, and her degree of soloist and folk music orchestra conductor she received from the Alma-Aty State Conservatory in Kazakhstan. Mrs. Munguntsetseg is highly experienced khuuchir mentor and player of Mongolia, and represented Mongolian music on many international stages in Russia, Cuba, Japan, France, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, China and North Korea. She is an experienced judge of national and international music competitions.

Chuluunbat Munkh-Erdene


Named as a “Queen of the YATGA”, Mrs.Munkh-Erdene is leading musician of Mongolia. Her sold out concerts in Europe, Asia and the USA are among most acclaimed music events for many concert seasons. She performed Mongolian music with world famous orchestras such as Stuttgart Philharmonic Orchestra, Baden-Baden Symphonic Orchestra, San-Francisco University Symphony Orchestra.  In 2008, she took First prize from the 1st National Murdorj Music Competition in Mongolia. Besides her concert schedule both in Mongolia and abroad, she teaches professional yatga class at the Music and Dance College of Mongolia.

Chultem Batsaikhan


Mr.Batsaikhan graduated from the Music and Dance College of Mongolia in 1978, and has been working as soloist at the National Ensemble of Folk Song and Dance of Mongolia. In 1993, he was awarded with “Merited Artist” prize, and in 2009, he became Public artist of Mongolia. Mr.Batsaikhan has performed in Russia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Japan, Vietnam, China, Singapore, India, and Taiwan participating in international music festivals and giving solo recitals on Morin khuur. He has two CD and a DVD produced by his own performances.


Namkhai Buyanbaatar



Mr.Buyanbaatar is a conductor of the Mongolian National Folk Music Ensemble. With many concert tours in Korea, China, Switzerland, Holland, Singapore, Taiwan, Germany, France, China and India, he showed Mongolian folk art to the public. He is one of the first moring khuur players who performed Morin Khuur Quartett in Europe. Mr.Buyanbaatar has conducted more than 200 performances on the stage of the Ensemble.


Ognev Oleg Vldimirovich


Honored Art Creator of Russian Federation and Republic of Buriatiya, Oleg Vladimirovich Ognev is a conductor of “ЗАБАЙКАЛЬЕ” Russian folk music orchestra. Professor of Music at the Music Institute. He has won number of first and other prizes from the International and Russian Music Competition. Had performed many concerts in Russia and abroad.


Hisayoshi Inoue


Mr. Hisayoshi Inoue was born in Yokohama city in Japan. His music education he received from Austrian and German Music conservatories. His debut performance was in Brno Philharmonic. For the last 25 years, Maestro Inoue has been conducting many symphonic orchestras worldwide, and he was a conductor of the Armenian Orchestra for 10 years. Currently, he is a chief conductor of the “Japan Symphony” and “Gustav Mahler” orchestra in Japan. From January 2013, he will be a guest conductor at the Mongolian State Philharmonic.